Money Type Quiz

Let’s find out what your money type is by taking this quiz.

Pick any and all words that resonate with you, even if they don’t directly make sense or contradict each other. We often have complex feelings about money, and the quiz will show that too. Don’t overthink it, go with your first reaction to the word.

After you get the results by email, you’ll be able to book a complimentary Money Type Consult with me to find out how the Money Types work together and show up in your life.

And keep in mind, these Money Types are not WHO you are, but rather WHERE you are at this time.

If you want to take this quiz in a different language, choose that language from the box at the top right.

Click on each word that describes your tendencies relative to money. Once completed, click the 'SEE RESULTS' button below for your results.

The Eight Money Types and the Money Type Quiz are excerpted from the book Money Magic by Deborah L. Price © Copyright 2001 All rights reserved. Used with Permission.