Feeling at ease, confident, calm and inspired about the money in your life is absolutely possible, no matter where you are right now on your money journey. Let’s help you get there!

"Money Stress, the forgotten player in the money game!"

You deserve to have a great relationship with money. And it’s time to improve that relationship right now.

First, let’s talk about what money wellness is not—it’s not a zero-sum game. You can’t win or lose at money, the same way that you can’t win or lose at life. Money wellness is a journey. It’s an ongoing process of learning and growing as an individual who is trying to navigate their financial life.


A Unique Approach

The new approach looks at money from a much more holistic perspective, and created a new approach.

You will:

How Can We Work Together?

In the private session, you will get the dedicated attention you deserve. During bi-weekly zoom sessions we’ll do a deep dive into the beliefs that are holding you back, create clarity around your finances and get your beliefs, actions and business aligned. These highly personalized Money Coaching and Planning packages (3 or 6 months) will change your mindset as well as your business. Let’s schedule a Discovery call to see what works best for you.

Do you prefer to start your money journey in your own timing? Then the Money Wellness Program is perfect for you.

This program is designed to help you understand and improve your relationship with money, through quick and easy videos and exercises. You’ll learn how to handle your finances in a way that works with your brain, not against it. Say goodbye to stressand confusion, and hello to clarity, confidence, and ease.

If you’ve been feeling like you’re stuck in a rut, and prefer a half-day private workshop instead of bi-weekly coaching, don’t worry – the Mindset Half-day program is here to help! In four hours (with a few breaks of course), we’ll work together to change your mindset and unlock your full potential. By the end of the session, you’ll feel much more clear-headed and inspired, and you’ll have replaced your old limiting beliefs with new ones that will help you grow and thrive. Email me to set up a time.

There is a magic in group dynamics. Sharing your journey, hearing everyone’s insights and Aha moments, the synergy of the group adds such a great dynamic. You will learn and be guided to a gaining a better understanding of your relationship with money. Topics are: Money transformations and Money Mindset.

I run these groups (6 people max) a few times a year. You can email me to get on the list for the next one.




Benefits Of The Money Wellness Method

Money Clarity

Get crystal clear on where you want and need your money to go. Feel in charge of your financial world!

No Stress

Feel at ease and free of stress when it comes to your finances!


Uncover and heal unconscious money beliefs that have been holding you back from the abundance you deserve


Simplify and strategize your money flow. Understand all the moving parts!