Private One-to-One

In the private sessions, you will get the dedicated attention you deserve. From introductory packages creating your financial roadmap to highly personalized Money Coaching and Planning packages, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s schedule a discovery call to see what works best for you.


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Group Programs

There is a magic in group dynamics. Sharing your journey, hearing everyone’s insights and aha moments, the synergy of the group adds so much value. You will learn and be guided to gaining a better understanding of your relationship with money, so you can step into feeling financial freedom.

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Online Learning

If you prefer a self-paced program, or want to learn in bite-sized pieces, you can take one of the online courses and webinars. Topics range from financial concepts to behavioural finances, to the connection between money and our bodies. 

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Benefits Of The Money Wellness Method

Money Clarity

Get crystal clear on where you want and need your money to go. Feel in charge of your financial world!

No Stress

Feel at ease and free of stress when it comes to your finances!


Uncover and heal unconscious money beliefs that have been holding you back from the abundance you deserve


Simplify and strategize your money flow. Understand all the moving parts!