Mariska Reinerink

Founder & Holistic Financial Planner


My Story

My lightbulb moment came to me when my two worlds collided many years ago. With a background in physiotherapy and in-depth experience in financial services, I had the perfect tools to create a way to integrate money into our daily lives from a fully holistic perspective. 

I found that traditional finances approach only the numbers side of money and disregard our beliefs, patterns, behaviours and emotions around money. And in my 20+ years as a financial advisor, I could see this was often not working well. 

While I was working as a physiotherapist, I first started to notice money stress in my patients, as often they were unable to work as a result of their condition. I could see the negative impacts it had on their health, but at the time, I couldn’t address it.

Fast forward many years, I switched careers to financial services. Long story, but my drive to help people was always there. And I saw money stress, and its impact, even more. In my drive to understand and address this, and find the tools to address it, I became a Certified Financial Planner and studied Behavioural Finance, Cash Flow Planning and Behavioural Money Coaching.

I’ve experienced the emotional side of money myself as well, in my own up-close-and-personal experience of money stress and turmoil. My journey unfolded simultaneously while raising my son as a single mom, homeschooling him, and running my own business. So my quest to find out the human side of money, as I call it, was a personal one too.

Over time, I finally saw how both worlds, the health side and the money side, fit together. I saw how we form our money beliefs in childhood. And how these beliefs shape our patterns and behaviours in our adult life. By creating a financial plan without taking these beliefs and patterns into account, we’re missing a big piece of the puzzle. And I finally understood how our brain simply isn’t designed to handle money the way we’re taught to.

I have since created a unique approach to money, seamlessly integrating the practical side and the human side of money to help my clients get clarity and feel empowered, confident, connected, strong and, most of all, aligned, which is Money Wellness at its best!

Happy mature bearded man giving hand to young real estate advisor

Money Wellness Approach

This is a truly holistic approach to financial coaching that uncovers the internalized beliefs and emotions behind an individual’s financial behaviour. By focusing on the whole person and not just the numbers, you’re able to transform your emotional relationship to money and from there get a personalized and achievable financial plan.

Our Mission

My mission is to help women all over the world to stand in their power when it comes to money. With confidence, knowledge, courage and ease.


Jennifer Singer
Jennifer Singer
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"Mariska is a hidden secret about Holistic Money Coaching. Her unique approach and fun ways to learn make the workshops engaging. Even my boyfriend who is not crazy about workshops really enjoyed it! Definitely I would highly recommend every person to attend."
Sara Ward
Sara Ward
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"I came to Mariska in debt, full of shame and fear around money. Her Cash Flow system helped me to get really clear and see where my money was coming from and find my money leaks. Through our coaching she guided me into my power and now, 6 short months later, I'm debt free and have 5 savings accounts, money in investments and every dollar that enters my life has a very specific direction. She has turned my fears of money into excitement and power as I enter a new stage of being the industry leader that I know I am."
Suzanne Richardson
Business Owner
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"I loved all of it! Feeling like there was no blame game. A lot of constructive, practical information. I feel I’m really not alone. I no longer feel so stuck in my body, or spirit."
Anita David
Anita David
Business Owner
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"Mariska took the time to walk me through my financial state now and possibilities for my future. I feel confident that "Mariska's financial advice will serve me in meeting all my life goals and also secure my retirement. I found Mariska is patient not pushy, knowledgeable and able to explain finances in simpler terms, as well as understanding and empathetic to my challenges. Thank you Mariska - for setting me up for the rest of my life."
Tara Akuna and Sara Ward
Tara Akuna and Sara WardBusiness Owners
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"As co-owners in our business there are more complexities as partners than as solo entrepreneurs. Mariska effortlessly guided us to work on our money blocks and master our money goals. She helped us step into our business archetype powers and elevate our brand to the next level. Our biggest take away was when she helped us separate "I" from "we" so that we could individually know our strengths and collaborate together in full awareness of our unique expertise. She helped shape our business and we are now on the path to building the empire we've always dreamed of."